Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Hosted cloud video collaboration solutions for your business. Affordable and scalable providing flexibility, agility and ease-of use.

One very effective way to increase communication and collaboration within a dispersed workplace environment is to adopt hosted video. Partnering with Cisco, NWN has successfully built a High Definition video infrastructure that enables conferencing from the desktop to the boardroom.

Benefits Include:

Enhanced video
conferencing experience

Simplified video calls,
making them as easy as voice

More effective
live collaboration

Provision of
live feedback

Increased staff

High definition
with low latency

The Benefits of Hosted Video

How many times have you experienced email or phone communications that just didn’t get the job done? NWN’s Hosted Video Collaboration offers organizations best-in-class video without breaking the bank. By leveraging NWN’s proven video infrastructure and renowned support team, organizations can get the communication capabilities you need for an affordable monthly fee.

You want the same experience from the cloud as your on-premise solutions, but not all cloud managed services are equal. NWN’s hosted video service provides customers with :

Video service that has passed third-party audits to help ensure enterprise-class performance

Cisco-validated architectures and open standards

A provider that meets strict Cisco qualifications so you connect with confidence

Free Trial Offer

NWN’s hosted video solution is easy to deploy and includes end-user training. We invite you to participate in a free trial offer of the Cisco Spark/WebEx tools.

Easy Integration.
Spark Flex covers it all.

Video integrations are easy with Cisco Spark™ Flex Plan which combines on-premises and cloud-based collaboration services in one single subscription-based offer. A single agreement covers software, licensing, and technical support for both cloud-based Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx® services, hosted and on-premises Cisco® Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco Meeting Server deployments.

Join meetings from any device
Ability to share screens and collaborate remotely
Record live meetings and presentations
Support multiple users on one call
Integrate Cisco web conferencing
Built in chat and voice functionality
Conduct live video collaboration
Hold secure meetings remotely

Web Conferencing Solutions

Team collaboration has never been more important than today. Telecommuting has become commonplace, with employees working in distant locations, on the road or in the air, or off-site, web conferencing delivers the ease of communicating seamlessly anytime, anywhere from any device.

Control Yourself.
Unified Communications Reporting

Both Cisco Spark and WebEx hosted video come with video measurement tools, giving you the ability to record, playback and run detailed reporting on user participation for call and video length. Video tools that allow you to manage your account more effectively – giving you more time to be efficient.


With the NWNComm’s hosted cloud PBX option, SmartComm is included. SmartComm a cloud-based control, cost analysis and reporting product designed with a customized dashboard to track, control and report on your entire VoIP network.

Are you ready to migrate to the Cloud?

Discover how migrating communications to the cloud will support the growth of your organization.

Outage Prevention The
Hosted Video Advantage

Natural or manmade disasters can strike anytime leaving businesses vulnerable to losses with the necessity to make communications a priority. With the lack or limited access to communications even many locations may feel the impact. In order to avoid lost business, every business should employ a disaster recovery plan. Ask yourself:

What if I was unable to resume business functions for days or possibly weeks?

What and where is my communication backup plan?

Can I get access to communications remotely or at another office location?

Do I have a plan for interrupted or complete power outage and/or disabled mobile connection?

Why Educational Facilities Need a Disaster Plan.

See how Cleveland County Schools handle power and disaster recovery

Does your business have a disaster recovery in place?

NCare Video Support Response Center

NWNComm’s NCare Response Center consists of:

Assigned Solution Engineers: Delivers day to day customer support and manages customer environment

Hosted Communications Technical Architects: Manage your services uptime, performance and capacities.

Client Service Managers: Manage your services and support your organization as you grow.

Command Center: Voice and data services monitoring and incident response.

Help Desk: Accessible 24x7x365 end-user support and service.

Spark Flex Plan

The Cisco Spark™ Flex Plan combines on-premises and cloud-based collaboration services in one single subscription-based offer, making transitions easy. One agreement covers software, licensing, and technical support for cloud-based Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx® services, hosted and on-premises Cisco® Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco Meeting Server deployments.


Cisco Spark Flex Plan

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