Solve Daily Management of Your Enterprise Communications Systems Take Control with SmartComm

SmartComm provides all the tools you need to streamline and optimize the day-to-day management of your enterprise communications systems.

Key Features Include:

Unified Communications Provisioning

Streamlined Administration and Monitoring

Self-Care Portal

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Custom Billing and Invoicing

Unified Communications Provisioning

Unified provisioning facilitates the day-to-day operations of your communications. SmartComm enables you to automate moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACD) that are fundamental components of your Unified Communications and with SmartComm’s feature-rich dashboard; you now have self-care control over your organization’s communication network; resulting in improved service reliability, cost reductions and streamlined administration of even the most complex network.

Self-Care Portal

SmartComm provides a self-care portal, providing a real-time dashboard and comprehensive perspective of all communication resources, helping you determine the capacities of networks, rates of traffic flows and detailed insights to maximize network performance. This comprehensive administration tool facilitates the monitoring, planning, resource allocation and cost control of your entire communication infrastructure.

Streamlined Administration and Monitoring

Manage and streamline your deployment and provisioning of your communication system with a single point of control. From UC, collaboration, and contact center or hybrid environment, SmartComm makes it easier to monitor, administer and run detailed reporting that supports your network provisioning decisions.


As with any complex communication network, organizations discover that having limited control over resources may not achieve an optimal communication infrastructure. Even the most simplified communications requires administration and monitoring in order to maintain an optimal communication network. SmartComm makes it easier! SmartComm’s complete tool suite providers the end-user with a robust analytic and reporting tool designed to improve communications support and monitors all of your communication resources.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Imagine supporting all of your communications decisions with one reliable tool. SmartComm supports decision-makers by providing a full gamut of analysis and reporting options such as; CDR Search, Call Detail Reporting, Traffic Reports and History, Watchdog Reporting, Billing and Invoicing and more. Make reliable decisions with SmartComms’ complete analytic and reporting suite.

Custom Billing and Invoicing

Learn How To Create A Better Contact Center Customer Experience Simplify invoicing and billing with SmartComm.


With NWN’s SmartComm solution includes custom analytics for optimizing Call Center value. These solutions include digital signage with real-time queue statistics and SLA performance to help agents self-manage their interactions with customers.

Custom Analytics

SmartComm Custom Analytics can be extended to provide dynamic queues for sophisticated Call Centers so agents can be redeployed automatically to optimize performance against all SLAs simultaneously. SmartComm advanced solutions also include “instant agent” functionality for Call Centers with extremely volatile demands. The “instant agent” solution adds an on-call virtual agent to the Call Center automatically when demand exceeds pre-defined limits. By embedding these continuous analytics in the workflow itself, NWN’s SmartComm solutions help Call Center management consistently hit their targets and right-size their full-time staff despite fluctuating demand.

SMARTCOMM – Advanced Soulutions

SmartComm advanced solutions can also provide the “next offer script” for a particular caller in real-time based on predictive analytics. This capability pulls data about the caller’s profile and history and combines it with sales analysis to arm the Call Center agent with an offer that is most likely to drive both revenue and customer delight.

Contact Center Gadgets

SmartComm Advanced Solutions include custom gadgets to improve
Call Center operations. Several examples of this are:

Scrolling Marquee / Supervisor Message application– Supervisors can message agents instantly with key reminders or notices.

Pop-up Windows Application – Call Center agents often need to access Windows applications such as CRM or payment applications

Improved Finesse Dashboards – Analytics based on real-time call information and more.

Speed Dials – This gadget makes it easier for agents to place calls quickly.

Listening Center

NWN’s SmartComm Advanced solutions enable organizations to capture the voice of the customer faster and more accurately than ever before. By integrating all the ways customers express their views—from voice and webex to social media, email and online chat—SmartComm solutions enable sales and customer service teams to hear the customer loud and clear. Advanced analytic techniques discern customer wants and needs as well as sentiment and urgency. By presenting the information visually, SmartComm solutions position decision-makers to take the right next action.

Omni-channel Interaction

NWN provides comprehensive omnichannel capabilities for the Call Center. We enable agents to connect with customers seamlessly across webchat, email, voice, and online threads. All of this interaction is accessible to Call Center management in real-time or after the fact for quality review and customer analysis.

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