VoIP Circuit Services

Flexible SIP circuits offer improved service and performance levels for voice, data, and Internet plus real savings benefits. Ask an NWN network expert how your organization can benefit today

Organizations today will often adopt SIP trunking to realize cost savings and the move to cloud-based unified communications and by combining data, voice and video on a single line, companies greatly benefit. NWN supports enterprises of all sizes and with all types of telephony equipment to improve communication by implementing reliable, affordable SIP trunking.


Enterprise organizations that utilize legacy voice communications systems like public-switched telephone network (PSTN) or Primary Rate Interface, or PRI, circuits for voice are migrating to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. SIP trunks can support both IP and legacy voice communications and has vast advantages that include; utilization of voice over internet protocol technologies (VOIP), increased reliability, cost savings, consolidation of network providers and can be scaled up or down easily to meet demand. In addition, SIP trunks can be incorporated into data and video communications with ease. NWN can help you help you assess your current network and demonstrate the advantages you can obtain with cloud technologies.

Hosted Cloud Communications unites all of your organizations voice services to a simplified virtual PBX in the cloud. We help guide and support you from beginning to end during the migration of your current services to the cloud and we remain to support your communication needs.

Benefit From A Network Analysis

 Network Consolidation

NWN “SiPs” Their Own Champagne

NWN saves $300,000 a year in Network Costs, Improved Performance and Increased Network Capacity

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

VoIP offers a way to de-centralize telecom equipment by utilizing internet connections. The ease of accessibility, connectivity is more reliable and the benefits of easy scalability and location flexibility make VoIP a popular choice.

Multiple Phone System Locations

NWNComm connects business phone systems with the option of individual on-premise connected phone systems or via cloud hosted PBX systems. While individually interconnected phone systems lessen the impact of a complete outage, hosted PBX options create a more stable connectivity. It is important to plan which option is best phone system choice and network for your locations. NWN can help guide your phone system decisions for all your locations.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP uses business grade internet connections to join your phone system to the Public Telephone System via a ‘SIP Trunk’. Because of this, much of the call routing in and out of your business is done by the SIP provider, who are typically in a totally different physical location. Because of this, in the event of your premises being unreachable or there being some greater infrastructure damage at play, your SIP provider can reroute to another location. SIP trucking offers high flexibility in the event of a disaster and, while there might be some need make minor reconfigurations to telephone systems, offers the capability to provide disaster recovery options for your business telephony.

Phone Systems for the Growing Business

Whether your business is moving, growing or upgrading NWN will plan and customize the best communication solution for your business.

From simple to advanced phone system technologies. NWN has a local office near you and over 150 certified professionals to help you. Our telecom solutions offer feature-rich capabilities and can connect to any device, creating cost-effective, streamlined communications that grows with you.

Join meetings from any device
Ability to share screens and collaborate remotely
Record live meetings and presentations
Support multiple users on one call
Integrate Cisco web conferencing
Built in chat and voice functionality
Conduct live video collaboration
Hold secure meetings remotely

Web Conferencing Solutions

Team collaboration has never been more important than today. Telecommuting has become commonplace, with employees working in distant locations, on the road or in the air, or off-site, web conferencing delivers the ease of communicating seamlessly anytime, anywhere from any device.

Outage Management

Businesses today rely heavily on reliable telephony. Natural or manmade disasters can strike anytime leaving businesses vulnerable to losses with the necessity to communications a priority. With the lack or limited access to communications even call centers inactivity or other locations may feel the impact. In order to avoid lost business, every business should employ a disaster recovery plan. Ask yourself:

What if I was unable to resume business functions for days or possibly weeks?

What and where is my communication backup plan?

Can I get access to communications remotely or at another office location?

Do I have a plan for interrupted or complete power outage and/or disabled mobile connection?

Does your business have a disaster recovery in place?

The Wrath of Hurricane Irma

Unified Communications To The Rescue

In 2017, the United States had the most tropical storms and named hurricanes in more than a decade. Both Hurricane Harvey and Irma made landfall, devastating thousands of businesses and resulted in limited or total loss of power limited and for some, loss to communication resources for weeks or months. Both land and mobile telecommunications infrastructure were impacted. NWN immediately responded, offering those businesses impacted a Spark Communication Disaster Recovery Plan that would deliver 3+ months of hosted unified communication service to lessen the impact of loss and help businesses recover quicker. Spark became the critical focus of communications recovery and business-saving plan for thousands.

Why Educational Facilities Need a Disaster Plan. 

See how Cleveland County Schools handle power and disaster recovery